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Archives: Meeting Notes, Bibliographies and Presentations- Pre-February, 2008

For presentations, meeting summaries, readings and post-meeting comment after January 17, 2008, go to our Blog and use the search box (Type and Wait to Search) to find the content you wish to find:

January 17, 2008. Speaker: Cathyann Harris, Project Lead, Partners Healthcare. Topic: Managing Evidence at the Speed of Change: The Partners Healthcare Knowledge Management Approach. Notes

January 4, 2008. Topic: Evolution of Tagging - How are You or Your Communities Adapting to Tools and Needs?

December 20, 2007. Speaker: Carol Rozwell, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. Topic: The Five Pitfalls of Ideation

December 7. Topic: After Search — What Next?

November 2, 2007. Topic: Selecting and Managing Your Most Critical Knowledge Domains

October 18, 2007. Speaker: Patti Anklam. Topic: From Networking to Net Work.

October 5, 2007. Using Knowledge Mapping - Application and Practicum, led by Tom Bigda-Peyton. See also September 7 notes.

October 1, 2007. KM - Current Directions: A Symposium on Leveraging Knowledge at Bentley College, featuring Dave Snowden and former members of the IBM Institute for Knowledge Management. Snowden's blog and Podcast.

September 20, 2007. Speaker: Dan Keldsen, Director of Market Intelligence at AIIM. Topic: Mapping Concepts, Process & Knowledge to Drive Innovation. Visualization techniques as tools for the mind that facilitate innovative thinking. Dan's meeting summary has a link to the presentation slides.

September 7, 2007. Knowledge Mapping: Leveraging Visualization Tools. Bibliography. Meeting Notes. Basic Knowledge Mapping Information

August 16, 2007. Speaker: Ken Abrams, President, You-Know. Topic: Where do Ideas Come From?

August 3, 2007. Mind Mapping: ontology and other tools. A recent book by Chuck Frey, Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software. 2nd ed. Innovation tools, 2007, stimulated the idea for this session. Larry Chait contributed one of many case example of software tools and there are many others that speak to the process of building a taxonomy, ontology or mapping the knowledge assets of an organization. Check out the book description. Mind Map: Chait example.

July 19, 2007, Speaker: Peter Gloor, Research Scientist - Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT. Coolhunting through Swarm Creativity. Movie for Slide 11 - TeCFlow-hipforum

July 6, 2007. Leading the Knowledge Management Effort by Example.What are the influences described is exposing potential users to the benefits of making a change in their own behaviors? Do you have examples of this effect working or do you have a change you would like to have adopted in your area of influence? Readings.

June 26, 2007. Leadership - Why It's Critical to KM Success, Symposium by the Boston KM Forum at Bentley College. Readings. What is Leadership? Susan Adams. What is KM Leadership? Carl Frappaolo. The Net Work Component of KM Leadership Patti Anklam. Panel - 10 minute discussions each with their experiences as a KM leader and in the role of interfacing with senior-management leaders to get their support and to maintain their ongoing, active involvement: Bernadette Marshall, Clewis Howe, Ethel Salonen, and Chuck Dickinson. Why is Leadership so Important to KM? Larry Chait

June 21, 2007. Speaker: Tom Bigda-Peyton, President, Action Learning Systems. Topic: Using Stories to Widen the Impact of Knowledge Management. Agenda

June 1, 2007, What Skills do You Use or Need in Your Role in Knowledge Management? Roundtable to ask our community of KM leaders for guidance or examples of the expertise and competencies they bring to knowledge management initiatives.

May 17, 2007, Speaker: Bouzha Cookman, Catlin & Cookman Group LLC. High-Growth CEO Forums™ -- Unique CEO exchange to solve critical challenges and build best practices for growth.

May 4, 2007, Best Bets: Links for Good and Useful Information on KM and Search. A roundtable on best links for information on KM and little-known search engine sites. Check out this list that Larry shared at the recent Bentley program on "search" on April 5.

April 19, 2007, Speaker: Larry Chait, Managing Partner, Chait & Associates, President, Boston KM Forum; and former CKO, Arthur D. Little, Inc. Your knowledge portal is working, but it isn't. Readings

April 5, 2007, Search: Transforming How We Transfer and Use Knowledge. A program at Bentley College. READINGS. Opening and Introductions - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait & Associates; Lynda Moulton, The Gilbane Group: Technological Assembly of Search Challenges, 1974 - 2007; Theresa Regli, CMS Watch, Moderator: The Whole Nine Yards – the Full Suite of Tools Needed for Enterprise Search; Doug Cornelius, Goodwin Procter LLP: The Search for Search; Rich Lawson, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals: Enterprise Search at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; Sharon Wilson, Boston Consulting Group; Matt Brown, Forrester Research: The Future of Search and Information Access; Joyce Ward, LexisNexis, Moderator: How Search Tool Companies are Positioning Themselves, Panel: Pete Bell, Endeca; David Cobosco, IBM Software Group/OmniFind: OmniFind, The IBM Enterprise Search Portfolio; Michael DiLascio, Siderean/Seamark; Anant Khanolkar, Autonomy; Hadley Reynolds, Fast Search & Transfer. EXHIBITORS: Endeca; Fast; IBM/OmniFind; Jarg Corporation; Siderean/Seamark.

March 15, 2007, Speaker: Marc Solomon, PRTM. Enterprise Deployment: Warts and All (A Working Session on Intranet Development) Readings and Web Sites on Sharepoint.

February 15, 2007, Speaker: Barbara Kivowitz, Senior Partner, Im21: innovation/measurement/21st century. Creativity =/= Innovation. How Organizations Can Really Make Innovation Happen.

February 2, 2007, Sharing Experiences with LinkedIn and Similar Networking.

January 18, 2007, Speaker: Robin Charbit. It's Not What You Think (Insight)

January 5, 2007, Discussion Leaders: Tom Bigda-Peyton and Clarissa Sawyer. What can we Learn from our External Networks? (1st of two programs on "Gaining value from our networks")

December 18, 2006, Dark Blogs: Internal Blogs for Leveraging Knowledge a symposium at Bentley College. Larry Chait, Managing Partner, Chait and Associates. Introduction. Links to Dark Blogs and other related content; Jordan Frank, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Traction Software, Enterprise Blogs & Wikis: The KM 2.0 Path; Susan Dobscha, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Bentley College, The Invisible College: KM Insights from Academic Blogs; Kathleen Gilroy, CEO, The Otter Group, Expert Learning Networks: Peer-to-Peer Learning Inside the Firewall. Readings.

December 1, 2006, What Tools and Techniques Do We Use to Get Connected to Others? Meeting Summary [courtesy of Clarissa Sawyer and Tom Bigda-Peyton of Action Learning Systems].

November 16, 2006. Larry Chait, President, Chait and Associates, Inc. A KM Workshop; Critical Success Factors for KM Initiatives. Summary of highlights from recent KMWorld and Intranets Conference in San Jose.

November 3, 2006. Trusted Bloggers.

October 19, 2006. "Finding Experts" Sixth Symposium in a Series on Leveraging Knowledge, by the Boston KM Forum at Bentley College. Setting the Stage - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait and Associates, Inc; SNA Panel: Using Social Network Analysis to Find Experts - Cesar Brea, Global Practice Leader, Marketspace Advisory of the Monitor Group; Mikolaj Piskorski, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School; and Bob Wolf [slides], former manager, Boston office, The Boston Consulting Group [See Notes]; Finding Experts - Keys to Success - Larry Prusak, Co-director, Babson Working Knowledge Research Center, and former founder and Executive Director, IBM Institute for Knowledge Management (IKM). [See Notes]; Breaking down smokestacks to collaborate across disciplines - Phil Knutel, Assistant Professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication and Director of Academic Technology, Library, and Research Services at Bentley College. [See Notes.]; How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Experts and their Expertise - Rock Griffin, CEO, Skyward Consulting, Inc.; Tools of the Trade - An Overview of Expert Location/Management Systems - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait and Associates, Inc. Readings.

October 6, 2006. Web 2.0 - The Intellectuals' Playground? Meeting Summary plus this article of interest: To Blog or Not to Blog: Report from the Front Published: October 18, 2006 in Knowledge@Wharton

September 21, 2006. Speaker/Discussion Leader: Bill Ives, PhD. Tagging and the Folksonomy. Readings

September 1, 2006. Taxonomy Roll-out.

August 17, 2006, 2006,Speaker: Joseph Carrabis. Increasing Knowledge Transfer by Adapting Information Presentation Style on the Fly. Readings. Social Networking and viral messaging articles:;;;

August 4, 2006. Categorization Exercise Part 3 - Taxonomy Building. A knowledge management taxonomy exercise.

July 20, 2006, Speaker: Mary Adams, Founder Trek Consulting. Knowledge Assets: Can You Measure the Intangible? Additional Readings

July 7, 2006, Categorization Exercise Part 2 - What Term Selection Contributes to Content Findability. Draft KM Taxonomy (distributed for editorial contributions to be discussed Aug. 4th)

June 29 , 2006, "Finding Stuff," 5th Symposium in a Series on Leveraging Knowledge by the Boston KM Forum at Bentley College. Readings. Setting the Stage and Tying Things Together - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait and Associates; User Interaction Cycle; Framing Findability Based on User Behaviors - Ben Dubrovsky, Baker Library, Harvard Business School. SIMILE - remixing data on steroids - Ben Hyde, SIMILE Project Manager, MIT. Tiptoeing across the Semantic Web – Resource Discovery at Lincoln Laboratory - Thom Shepard, MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Finding Stuff You Didn't Ask for, but Really Need, Using Concept Searching - Joseph Tragert, Director of Market Development. Professional Searchers Sharing Sites for Finding Really Good Stuff - Lynda Moulton, LWM Technology Services Group, Elaine Alligood, VA Technology Assessment Program, and Brandy King, Center on Media and Child Health. Exhibitors: Autonomy, SemanTx Life Sciences, Siderean Software

June 15 , 2006, Speaker: Daniel Serfaty, Founder & President, Aptima, Inc. Engineering the Community of Practice for Maintenance of Organizational Knowledge

June 2 , 2006, A Taxonomy Exercise, Part II - Categorizing; Guidelines for Categorizing Exercise

May 18, 2006, Alan Thomas, President, Learning House Publishing. Going Beyond "Innovation as Usual" to Make a World of Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True,

May 5 , 2006, A Taxonomy Exercise. Group discussion about taxonomy needs for a KM Forum categorization scheme.

April 20, 2006, Inserting the "K" Initiative into the Organization (by stealth), Attendee Discussion, Moderated by Larry Chait

April 7, 2006, What are the human costs of Taxonomy Development and Can We Find People to Do It? Readings

March 30, 2006, Collaboration – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. [ The 4th Symposium in Our Series on Leveraging Knowledge ] Readings. Speaker Sessions - Titles link to presentations: Setting the Stage - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait and Associates ; Are We Collaborating Yet? - Patti Anklam, Hutchinson Associates (formerly of DEC); The QuickPlace Story - Liz Beckhardt (formerly of Lotus' QuickPlace team). The Social Side of Making Global Work Collaborative - Donald R. Chand, Professor of CIS, Bentley College. Collaboration 2.0 ( - Kathleen Gilroy, Founder and CEO, The Otter Group. Collaboration Rules: "Extreme Collaboration" at Toyota and in Open Source Software - Bob Wolf, Ph.D., Manager, The Boston Consulting Group [link to summary of article on which presentation was based, available at Harvard Business School, Working Knowledge]; Tying Things Together - Larry Chait, Managing Director, Chait and Associates; Jordan Frank's Blog entry summarizing the presentations

March 16, 2006, To Tag or Not To Tag: Should We be Structuring our Knowledge Assets or is Free-text Search Enough? (Attendee Discussion) Notes from the Field. Bibliography on Tagging, Metadata, and Categorization.

March 3, 2006, Breakfast Discussion: Your Professional Compentencies Applied to KM.

February 16, 2006, Mary Lee Kennedy and Cory Costanzo, An Introduction to Sense-making; Understanding Difficult Challenges Using Cynefin Methods. Readings

February 3, 2006 , Breakfast Discussion: Blogs Applied to KM Collaboration: A Working Session, Waltham, MA.

January 6, 2006, Breakfast Discussion: National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) and the Lockheed Martin Project -Electronic Archives, at NARA NE Regional Office, Waltham, MA.

December 15, 2005, Leveraging Knowledge through Collaboration. [The Third Symposium in Our Series on Leveraging Knowledge], Bentley College, Waltham. Readings. Speaker Sessions - Titles link to presentations: Eric Wilson, President, BraneSpace LLC. Organizational Effectiveness and Computer-Based Collaboration: Case Studies; Kenneth Bruss, HDA Consulting. Changing the Way New Products are Developed - Using Collaboration Tools to Improve ROI; Mark Levitt, VP, IDC. Collaboration In The Enterprise Workplace: Will It Change the Way We Work Together?; Jean Tatalias, Dir. Knowledge Services, The MITRE Corporation. Connecting People and Supporting Collaboration; Bruce Hoppe, Connective Associates. Disruptive Collaborative Innovation; Jeffrey Govendo, the Innovative Edge. Achieving Real Collaboration through Co-invention.

December 2, 2005, Breakfast Discussion: What Do We Think About Blogs for Knowledge Management? Meeting notes.

November 17, 2005, Bill Ives, PhD. What do Blogs Bring to Knowledge Management and Communication within the Enterprise?
[Bill Ives, PhD, Speaker, and co-author of Business Blogs: A Practical Guide with Amanda Watlington]
. Other readings

November 4, 2005, Breakfast Discussion: Establishing the Minimal Requirements for Technology Solutions to Support KM Initiatives.

October 20, 2005, Dorothy Leonard, William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus,
Harvard Business School. Deep Smarts: The Engine of Every Organization.

October 7, 2005, Breakfast Discussion: The Unfulfilled Promise - In What Ways Have "KM Solutions" Failed to Deliver?. Other readings

September 27, 2005, Leveraging Knowledge Across Research and Operations in Science and Healthcare [The Second Symposium in Our Series on Leveraging Knowledge], Bentley College, Waltham. Readings. David Breiner. Knowledge Management at Cytec Industries: Building the Library of the Future; Harvey Wiener, PhD, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Prescription for Navigating R&D Knowledge; Brandy King. Children's Hospital, Boston. Using Ontologies to Create a Flexible Search Option at CMCH (Center on Media and Child Health); Tim Wemple. HVMA Knowledge Challenge for our Attendees. Speaker Biographies.

September 15, 2005, Lisa Neal, PhD, Editor-in-chief, eLearn Magazine Topic: Merging Formal and Informal Learning. Readings

September 2, 2005, Breakfast Discussion: Finding and Tracking Expertise. Meeting notes. Other readings

August 18, 2005, Lynda Moulton, Principal, LWM Technology Services, Topic: Positioning Enterprise Search: Case Studies of What it is and What it should be. Other readings

August 5, 2005, Breakfast discussion: Tapping the Well - What Knowledge Resources Do You Find the Most Productive. List of resources and meeting notes.

July 21, 2005, Dean Allemang, Chief Technology Consultant, TopQuadrant, Inc.. The Semantic Web and Federal Enterprise Architecture. Presentation. Readings.

July 2, 2005, National Archives and Records Administration, NE Regional headquarters. Breakfast meeting, facility introduction and tour. Notes from staff introduction with links to important resources.

June 16, 2005, Kate Ehrlich, PhD, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Research. Collaboration Revealed through Social Network Analysis. Paper: Inside Social Network Analysis, by Kate Ehrlich and Inga Carboni. Other Readings and Web Sites

June 3, 2005, Framing the Discussion - Aligning Your Language with Business Goals to Achieve Buy-in for KM Initiatives. Notes

May 19, 2005, Speaker: Andy Palmer, SVP Operations, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Structured vs. Unstructured Search - a lesson from the front line of biopharmaceutical R&D. Presentation Notes Readings

May 6, 2005, How do you Articulate the Value of Metadata Capture? Readings and Notes.

May 3, 2005, KM's Value-Add - Generating Value by Leveraging Knowledge, Bentley College, Waltham. Readings. Speakers' Presentations (partial list):
How Ontologies Add Value: BioPAX, An ontology standard for biological pathway data exchange, Joanne S. Luciano
Your Grandmother Doesn't Appreciate Surprises - a Case Study in Analyzing Consumer Sentiment, Jeff Catlin and Bob Pierce
e-Afghanistan: Online Collaboration for Economic Redevelopment -- Almost a Success Story, Scott Helmers

Future Tools and Technologies that Support Knowledge Sharing, Jeffrey E Smith, PhD

April 21, 2005, Speaker: Bill Snyder, The Social Capital Group, Learning Systems for Networked Knowledge Management: Renewal in the Colorado River Delta

March 17, 2005, Speaker: Marwan Sabbouh, Principal Investigator, MITRE. Using Semantic Web Technologies to Integrate the Enterprise. [Powerpoint] Link to bibliography on the Semantic Web.

February 17, 2005, Speaker: Pascal Marmier, JD. Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education; A new way to facilitate innovation and collaboration across borders by connecting people!.

January 7 & 13, 2005, Breakfast Topic: Fleshing out a Model for Collaboration. Links to: Bibliography. Collaboration Concepts We Have Already Established. Collaboration - Key Success Factors by Larry Chait (Discussion Leader) and Tools.

December, 2004
David Karger, PhD, MIT Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Haystack: Per-User Information Environments

May 20, 2004
Ken Bruss, Principal, HDA Consulting
Stealth Knowledge Management (Articles in PDMA Visions, July, 2004, and January, 2005)

June 2003
Marilyn Darling, Signet Consulting
The U.S. Army's National Training Center: A Model for Integrated Learning and Knowledge Systems

May 2003
Robert Armacost, Bain Consulting
Knowledge Management at Bain

April 2002
Patti Anklam
Social Network Analysis

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