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Boston KM Forum Mission Statement

The Boston KM Forum Inc., is a community of practice for people working in the field of Knowledge Management (KM), offering an environment for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and business opportunities through a variety of learning, communication, and networking settings. The Forum works to develop programs that support personal and professional growth.

KM Forum serves its members by providing a local, hearty, highly participatory, and product-neutral platform for sharing professional ideas, concerns, and opportunities, as well as a vehicle for personal growth.

Meetings on every third Thursday of the month are the primary vehicle for sharing and growth, and each is focused on a speaker and topic of interest. Each speaker, who is knowledgeable in an industry, new venture, or particular application, sets the stage by providing context. The speaker then leads a discussion through which members and guests exchange ideas, suggestions, and best practices.

A second opportunity for sharing are monthly breakfast meetings, which consist of facilitated discussions on a topic selected by the attendees at the prior breakfast. Each person brings his or her own experience, and the group works to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the monthly topic. A bibliography is prepared and distributed as a resource for those who participate. [Suspended until further notice]

KM Forum sponsors quarterly half- or full-day seminars in academic settings. These sessions feature multiple speakers and extended presentations and discussions.

KM Forum also engages in more formal outreach efforts to both specialized communities of practice and to more general audiences. Special events such as conferences, product fairs, and outreach activities are arranged in partnership with colleges and universities or corporations. For example, two national KM conferences were planned and supported in Boston with help from our organization and the members.

Volunteers contribute their time, knowledge, and expertise to support the group, its members, and our mission.

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